2017 Trends

2017 Home Trends


As we kick off 2017 it’s time to start prepping for those home makeovers and in this post, we are going to give you three ideas to ensure you have a trendy home in 2017.

Entertainers Paradise

1.     In 2016 we saw a major trend with folks who love to entertain using bar carts in their homes and this year that trend is continuing! In addition, another trend for the entertainer is the re-introduction of built in home bars. These bars need to be sleek but adequate for your drinks, cocktails fixings and glasses.

Country Chic

2.     For those homeowners who aren’t into bright colors and eccentric shapes the trend of white kitchens complimented by wood countertops is the perfect twist. They provide a clean but bold statement about a person’s lifestyle by mixing a little country chic with modern appearance.

Crafty Baths

3.     Vanities are on their way back in to make a bold statement. The idea of purchasing pre-manufactured bathroom vanities are on their way down the drain! Homeowners are using more classic pieces like old filing cabinets, chest of drawers, and vintage family consoles to create a one of a kind pieces.

There are many more great trends coming up in 2017 but these are just a few of our favorites! Send us pictures of your home remodels so we can keep up with our favorite friends.